Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday Friends

'Cause you got to have friends...

Bette Midler knew. 

We seem to have "days of the week" friends.  Sunday we see our "church" friends.  Mondays and Tuesday we see Tom's UGARC friends...if he has a meeting.  Weekends we see our "second home" friends.  

Winter Tuesdays are special for 8 weeks when I can ski with my "Tuesday Ski" friends. We are all seasoned citizens who like to ski, and we've made friendships within the sub-groups and throughout the larger Senior Ski Program.  Don't know all the names or many of the stories, but we recognize each other at the opening joint session before we break into our smaller classes.  Sometimes we meet again ad hoc on Wednesdays without the instructors.

Similarities draw us, commitment to those less fortunate, proximity, skiing. Through these starting points we create Venn diagrams of overlapping people, activities and "likes".

I know too.

'Cause you got to have friends.....

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