Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Question

The party's over,  it's time to call it a day....

As a great ski season draws to an end, the maple syrup season begins.  

Spring in the Catskills means changeable weather, usually during a single week, but often during a single day.  Monday 7 inches of snow arrived. Tuesday hovered around zero with the wind chill from steady winds - great skiing. Wednesday was a tad sunnier and a bit warmer -more great skiing.  Thursday the movement towards spring was evident as snow receded and green shoots appeared. Friday was well into the 50s!  Saturday? Ahhh, Saturday. Snow is virtually gone, and the decision must be made: to tap or not to tap, that is the question.

Weatherman is no help.  Predictions haven't been all that accurate lately.  Forecasts are purely potential possibilities.

Just got The Word:  prepare to tap at ten. Was hoping for The Word...from my niece: meet  to ski.  Fun is over, work needs to begin. Question answered.

The party's over....

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