Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The heat is on!

The heat is on.....
The Lord is good; tell it wherever you go...The Lord is good; tell it so others will know...

 I go to my blog, so I'm telling it here!

We're in the midst of boiling sap, and today we drew off the first syrup...one half gallon and five quart containers.  I took advantage of the minutes until the next drawing off to take a "necessary break" and get the labels at the house.  One message (for Tom) and then the phone rang...it was the welder down behind the sawmill working on Tom's excavator..."Lonna - get down here! I have a grass fire!!!" It was not a false alarm. I ran to the sap house to alert Tom - he jumped in the big tractor,  headed to the creek and got the yard-bucket full of water. That put it out! I followed down with a 5 gallon pail of syrupy water (from washing out the filters) and eft it. Tom got 2 more loads of water because Bob the Welder thought he'd come back after it rains...and Tom needs it done now.  The ground looks like Noah lives around the corner!

The heat was on... 
The Lord is good;tell it whever you go..      

Yes He is...ALL the time!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Skiin' and Sappin'

You got to go where you want to go, do what you want to do,
With whoever you want to do it with...

It's never quite as simple as the Mamas and the Papas made it out to be.

I went to Windham Mountain to ski with Rick & Gwen. 
Thought by mid-March the rates would be down...NOT. $65!!  
Thought weekenders would be home tending to daffodils or whatever...NOT. Crowded!! 
Thought taking the orthotics out of my boots was relatively simple...NOT.  Struggle!!

Where I wanted to be was skiing...or so I thought.  Apparently I want to ski midweek, and Saturday is definitely  NOT. 

So...2 runs...orthotics out...home...orthotics in boots used for sapping...

Sometimes You got to go where you HAVE to go, do what you HAVE to do...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Question

The party's over,  it's time to call it a day....

As a great ski season draws to an end, the maple syrup season begins.  

Spring in the Catskills means changeable weather, usually during a single week, but often during a single day.  Monday 7 inches of snow arrived. Tuesday hovered around zero with the wind chill from steady winds - great skiing. Wednesday was a tad sunnier and a bit warmer -more great skiing.  Thursday the movement towards spring was evident as snow receded and green shoots appeared. Friday was well into the 50s!  Saturday? Ahhh, Saturday. Snow is virtually gone, and the decision must be made: to tap or not to tap, that is the question.

Weatherman is no help.  Predictions haven't been all that accurate lately.  Forecasts are purely potential possibilities.

Just got The Word:  prepare to tap at ten. Was hoping for The Word...from my niece: meet  to ski.  Fun is over, work needs to begin. Question answered.

The party's over....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Days of the Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sun-day

Sang the days of the week to several tunes, read the days of the week in numerous books; that's what kindergarten teachers do...or at least did... when I was teaching.

My 4 year old grand-daughter has known the days of the week for eons it seems, and has incredible calendar skills.  That was eerily apparent in our conversation last night. I asked about the birthday party she had gone to for her friend, and she described the fun they had at McDonald's.  Thinking she would relate to "friends", I mentioned that I had been skiing with my friends earlier in the day.  "Nonna!" she exclaimed...interrupting my sentence..."you don't ski on Wednesday,  you ski on Tuesday!" Nonplussed, I said I like to ski with my friends whenever I can...but I was a bit stunned that in Texas she was so aware of my activities in New York. Listening on the other phone, Tom couldn't hide his surprise. After the conversation he mused that at 4 he probably didn't even know days, months or much else!

So...should it be a surprise that I got a phone call this afternoon thanking me for the perfect timing of the box that had arrived as they returned, sobbing, from pre-school? Why so sad? No surprise once I was informed that the crisis is that next week is Spring Break...NO SCHOOL...horrors! 

Yes, she is something else. She has informed her mother that if she "thinks hard enough, she can probably know everything...but I still don't know how to tell time, or....." So...there are a few things she doesn't know! 

She knows Tuesday isn't Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday Friends

'Cause you got to have friends...

Bette Midler knew. 

We seem to have "days of the week" friends.  Sunday we see our "church" friends.  Mondays and Tuesday we see Tom's UGARC friends...if he has a meeting.  Weekends we see our "second home" friends.  

Winter Tuesdays are special for 8 weeks when I can ski with my "Tuesday Ski" friends. We are all seasoned citizens who like to ski, and we've made friendships within the sub-groups and throughout the larger Senior Ski Program.  Don't know all the names or many of the stories, but we recognize each other at the opening joint session before we break into our smaller classes.  Sometimes we meet again ad hoc on Wednesdays without the instructors.

Similarities draw us together...faith, commitment to those less fortunate, proximity, skiing. Through these starting points we create Venn diagrams of overlapping people, activities and "likes".

I know too.

'Cause you got to have friends.....