Friday, February 27, 2009

Life's Ups and Downs

Slip slidin' away, Slip slidin' away...

Paul Simon wrote that long before I found myself sliding down Why Not on Wednesday.  

Tuesday had been one kickin' day of skiing. Grooming and conditions were really good, and we had Alpine Jack skiing all over the mountain! Why Not was a group favorite, and we took turns being asked by Alpine to follow him down various segments. He made the mistake of saying to me "OK...let's do it"...and do it we did!  I flew down...and then figured out he had meant to follow rather than race.  Ooops.  Must admit it was totally worth it when Ski Larry told me Alpine had said I was totally in balance & my skis were well placed. Alpine told me it was "an awesome run"...I thought so, but he confirmed it.

Remember...pride goeth before a fall...

Wednesday I met Larry and Barbara. Another gorgeous day, good conditions and great grooming.  Ski Larry and I had made about 5 runs down Wolverine, a double black...and they were good runs if I say so myself.  We decided to go to the east side and give single black Why Not a shot before meeting Barbara for a run and lunch. The top was just like Tuesday, and I stayed to the right away from the icy patch I remembered...but didn't know about the little trench the groomers had left.  Saw it, got over it, lost balance and just as I thought I had a chance of regaining balance, I was down...slip slidin' away.

Wasn't terribly worried until I felt I had slid far enough...and the feeling of the edge ridge against my back confirmed that.  I definitely didn't want to go over the any sense. Somehow stopped, minus the left ski...which Gentleman Larry delivered to me. Took stock, got up and we skied off to meet Barbara.

Believe we're gliding down the highway, When in fact we're slip slidin' away...

Ate lunch,  got mostly dried out in the sunny slope-side of the cafeteria and went back out. Not the same. Butchered Wolverine and decided to forgo another run on Why Not. Wanted to, but wisely didn't.

Sore enough the last two days to think it was very wise.

Slip slidin' away, Slip slidin' away, 
You know the nearer your destination, The more you're slip slidin' away. 

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