Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feed the birds II

My Little Chickadee

While I love to feed and watch the birds, I find myself looking for "favorites".  Yes, I'm thrilled to have had several pairs of cardinals who were faithful all winter.  Just showing up was payment enough for me. Have also enjoyed the doves, wrens, starlings, crows (what scavengers!), pheasants, turkeys, juncos and of course the chickadees.  Especially My Little Chickadee. He (I have deemed him a he) has a totally white head and really stands out among the rest. The first time I spotted him I was captivated. Hoping I would catch sight of him, he granted my wish. Then again.  Then the next thing I new we were into mid February and he has been a regular. Tried to capture him...on film...but to no avail.  Throughout the day I glimpse him darting from tree to tree, feeder to feeder.  Makes preparing meals, eating and cleaning up the kitchen fun.
A year ago we had a one-eyed little bird.  Have often wondered what happened to her (yes, I dubbed her a her) as I was doubtful she would last too long.  She was around for quite some time, but - you know what's coming - I lost sight of her. (Sorry - couldn't resist.)

Favorites?...among birds?...among people...among kids or grandkids?  Oh, don't go there.
Well, maybe among the birds.

I do love my little chickadee. 

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