Friday, February 13, 2009 shop

Does anybody really know what time it is?

I did...until I checked my watch yesterday and it wasn't on my wrist. Hmmmm. Had to get Tom from his meeting and meet Karen for dinner.  Must  have left it home. 
At home it became obvious it was gone. And I really liked that watch.
Not in a pocket...nor the car...nor Shop Rite (yes, I dug the sales slip from the garbage and called).
Oh yes...I remember hearing something "clink" when Tom and I switched drivers at the Stone Church. (He was late for his meeting and had to finish putting on his boots in the car, so he allowed me to drive...for about 3 miles.) 
Drove up this morning, and there was the watch-face in the middle of the road...part of the band off to the side...the rest well hidden as I couldn't find it.
Well, here is my opportunity to use my first Coinstar certificate...for

Yes, I really know it's time to shop.

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